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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Review: The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams

The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams is an adventurous novel that has it all. Political machinations, ethnic strife, power-hungry corporate types, greedy antiquities dealers, mercenaries, sick children, desperate parents, brainy scientific types and beautiful women. Sort of like Matthew Reilly, but better edited, without all the damn italics and exclamation points!! (Sorry, when I think Reilly, I think !! OH BOY!! Exclamation points!!!) But, I digress….

Will Adams debut novel features a slightly nere’do well Egyptologist, Daniel Knox, who everyone seems to love to hate. His life long interest in Alexander the Great puts him right in the thick of things when the bad guy, Nicolas Dragoumis,(who is some kind of cuckoo and wildly wealthy) learns that Alexander’s tomb may have been discovered. Nicolas has some wacky belief that the tomb contains secrets and treasures that will cause Macedonia to become an independent state once more, and he has the wealth, power and obsession to see his beliefs through. It's up to our hero, Daniel, and of course, his newly discovered gorgeous sidekick, Gaille, to stop him and save the antiquities. (Sort of like an Indiana Jones meets James Bond thing, but without MI-6 and spiffy weapons and toys.) And of course, there is history between Gaille and Daniel that has to be resolved for their adventure to be a success.

I’m a little bit of an ancient history buff, so I found the well-researched novel interesting, although occasionally confusing. There is a large cast of characters and apparently my old brain had a little trouble keeping up. Once I figured everyone out though, I really enjoyed the book. It’s a bit slow here and there, but overall, a good solid read.

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bermudaonion said...

Too many characters confuses me too, so I know how you feel.

Harvee said...

I enjoy reading books about antiquities dealers and intrigue. Must remember this one!

Anonymous said...

I usually start taking notes on who is who when there are lots of characters. Unless you sit there and read in one sitting (and maybe even then), it's easy to forget!

Vodka Mom said...

I am ALWAYS looking for new books- and new blogs. Yours is fascinating! I'll be back. (I had to say it. )