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Thursday, May 1, 2008

About Me

Our dog, Cookie

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm a wife of an wonderful guy and mom of four terrific people, 50----"ish", Bookworm and quilter. I've been a reader since my big sister taught me to read at age 4. My first book..."Skip", and my first word..."Kentucky". My sister, who was 7 at the time decided to teach me to read. She opened up a book about a horse named Skip and asked me, "Which word do you want to learn?" I pointed to the biggest word in the book, and we were off and running. I've always wondered how many kids learned to read because their bossy big sisters wanted to play school.

I grew up on a dairy farm outside of a little town in western Montana, Big Sky Country. By the time I was finished with elementary school, I had read pretty much everything in the junior high school library. And, by the time I finished junior high, I had pretty much polished off the high school library. Then it was on to the dinky little city library. My mom told me later that barely a month would pass without a phone call from whomever ( or is it whoever?) the volunteer librarian was that month, asking, "Do you know what your daughter is reading????!" I'm grateful that my mom's only reaction was, "Yup!" Then she'd ask me, after I'd finished whatever the objectionable book was of that week, "So, what'd you think?" She gave me the freedom to read anything I wanted, and it led me to some interesting,(and often highly inappropriate) places, at a young age!

We moved to southern California in 1987, and I discovered the joys of actual honest-to-God bookstores and the huge seemingly unlimited Los Angeles County Library system. I've been in "book heaven" ever since!