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Friday, October 10, 2008

Chaos and Mayhem reign supreme!!

I swear I haven't given up on blogging. But as you can see, we've just been so dang busy. I actually have four reviews to write still for Ted Dekker's Sinner, Dave Boling's Guernica, The Shiniest Jewel, and for the soon to be completed The Tenth Case. I think I'm only getting a couple dozen pages read a day, so I'm waay far behind in my reading.

The kitchen remodel is underway. We're committed now and there's no going back. For those who don't know, we live in a house built in 1969, which we like to call "The House of Unlimited Potential". (But it's withstood two big earthquakes so that's good!) Since my wonderful hubby is the construction type, we do most all the work ourselves, although we did sub out the new roof a few years ago. Something was mentioned about a certain someone, (me), who has the tendency to be clumsy and the family's desire that I not fall off the second story roof. Hmm...go figure...(I say innocently as I nurse my plethora of bumps and bruises from smacking myself in the leg with the cabinets and lumber that I'm hauling around....)

So, old house, old kitchen, sort of remodeled by a DIY'er who didn't know what they were doing in the 80's when dusty rose was the "it" color. When we bought the place ten years ago, the walls and ceiling in the kitchen were papered in dusty pink wallpaper, window coverings in the whole house were a sort of bubblegum pink, mirrors abounded, and the carpet was pink. I've de-pinked it pretty well over the years, and I'm super psyched that I can finally take a hammer to the awful kitchen tile with the pink grout.

Here's my before pics, taken last week before demolition began.

Disclaimer: I'm not the tidiest person around.....especially when I know its all about to get ripped out!!

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

Demo pictures up next! Whoo hoo....we're having some fun now!!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you on here. I can't wait to see the after pictures!