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Monday, October 13, 2008

Beginning kitchen demolition.....yikes

Okay....trying to get caught up here. Last weekend we took down part of a wall, moved a bunch of electrical, rebuilt the ceiling soffit of the kitchen extending it about eight inches, tore out the pantry wall of cabinets, hooked up my oven outside under the patio deck, and intensified the chaos of the house.

Of course, its never as easy as it sounds. The electrical was all just 6 inches too short to move, so we had to make lots more holes in the ceiling to extend the wiring. I've got so much painting to do, and my DH has so much patching to do, it's nuts!

Here's more pics, taken after I had ripped off the sheetrock, but before the wall came down....

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

And here's some post- demo pics...the kitchen just looks purtier and purtier...don't it!!

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

And because every woman needs a pantry and a cabinet to keep our dishes and pots in...

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

Later...demo of the rest of the kitchen....stay tuned...feel my pain......*yikes.....


Anonymous said...

When do you think you'll be all through with it?

rscottnorman said...

I can't wait to see it.

Bookfool said...

Actually, I'm quite envious. I hate my kitchen and I've been stuck with it for 17 years. Yurgh.

--the other "Bookfool" ;)

caite said...

I remember when mine looked just like that a couple of years ago!

But before I knew it...just a few months longer than the estimate and more money than expected, it was done and lovely and you forget all about the chaos.