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Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Floss!

Yes...I know...today is Monday. However, since Friday was "National Be Late for Something Day" and Saturday was "National Procrastination Day" I'm merely keeping in the holiday spirit.

I'm late and I procrastinated....a lot...here is Mental Floss's Labor Day Quiz

Late comers and Procrastinator's of the World....UNITE!!!

(or just click below for the quiz!)

Labor Day Quiz

And---Just for fun
Here is a funny procrastinator's flowchart....
Procrastinator's FlowChart


lola1116 said...

Only 60%....I'm not very bright today apparently.

Anonymous said...

I get a gold star - I got 100%! What did you get?

Kelly said...

meh---I missed one, it was the George Clooney question. oops..