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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Introducing our newest family member

Back in February, we realized that our pups, Cookie was now 10 years old. And we had said that we were going to get another cockapoo when she turned 6. Missed it by "that" much. So, I was off and running, in search of a cockapoo puppy we could rescue. My travels took me to a city here in southern California called East Rancho Dominguez. I had seen a picture of this puppy, the rest of the litter and a picture of her mom, who looked just like my cockapoo. Except they were in a tiny dirty outside enclosure, soaking wet, filthy and  miserable. The owner claimed they were cockapoos. Not buying it, but they were cute lil things underneath the misery. I made my son go with me, to rein me in if my puppy savior complex became too problematic and I either tried to take them all, or they were obviously very ill and wouldn't be safe to bring home to my older dog.

We arrived in East Rancho Dominguez. My son pointed out that it wasn't a terribly nice neighborhood. Pit bulls chained in the front yard of every house, lots of people just standing around watching us closely. When the owner brought out the puppy to meet us, (past the chained up pit bull, who was NOT a fan of me...) she was dirty and a little mangy, but adorable. She appeared healthy, although she'd never seen a vet, and of course...I fell in love. I didn't think she was a cockapoo, but she was tiny and I figured if I didn't get her out of there soon, she'd become lunch for a huge, angry and well...hungry looking dog.

We arrived home, cute little 2# puppy in tow, stopped at the vet and started her shots, and YAY, received a good report on her health. That was back in February. And now she's almost a year. For grins and giggles, I did a doggie DNA test on her. The tests go all the way back to greatgrandparents. On one side, she is a purebred Yorkie, on the other, one great grandparent was as Bull Mastiff....I kid you not...who mated with a Toy Manchester terrier, and the other great grandparent was a Bernese Mountain dog, who mated with a Spanish Water dog/Pomeranian mix. Nope. No Cocker or Poodle anywhere.The Hubs says that's why she is so challenged....with those two giant dog brain cells floating around and taking up so much room, she doesn't have enough brain power for much else. I have no idea where she came from, but there is no way that the cockapoo I met in East Rancho Dominguez was her mom!  I wasn't surprised...she is adorable, but dumber than a box of rocks. Still not all the way house trained, and the cockapoo was trained in 2 weeks. But she's funny, sassy, playful and just down right wonderful.

Oh..and East Rancho Domiguez? Yeah....that used to be called East Compton. But they changed their name because...well..Compton...So....introducing, as my son calls her "Straight Outta Compton" puppy....weighing in at 6.41 pounds.......here's Bailey!


bermudaonion said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable! She may not be a cockapoo but I sure am glad you gave her a home.

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cute dog

Madison ivy said...

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phann son said...
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