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Monday, September 28, 2015

Peter Meredith--Hooray for Zombie Lit! (Is that even a genre??)

I have to begin my Peter Meredith post with a big THANK YOU to Book Bub for introducing my cheap miserly ass to this author. Back in January, I received my daily BookBub email with the list of freebies and almost freebies of the day. For some reason, I've been binge reading apocalyptic zombie stuff for the past couple years.  I'm sure some shrink out there could look at me and give me a detailed explanation given what the past couple years have been...but I don't care...just gimme a good zombie book, ok? That particular day, Peter Meredith's book, The Apocalypse (The Undead World Book 1) popped up. I thought to myself, "self...it's 99 cents...and it's got 4 1/2 stars with well over 500 ratings on Amazon.. go for it."  

I was hooked after the first couple pages. This guy writes a terrific story!! Great characters, multiple story lines, just an all round great read. And I was off and running...It was a Peter Meredith-palooza (Peterpalooza sounds better but.....you know....)  around here for a couple months. First there was The Apocalypse, immediately followed by The Apocalypse SurvivorsThe Apocalypse Outcasts, The Apocalypse Fugitives, and The Apocalypse Renegades. Then I was done with the Undead World Series. So bummed. But wait! This guy has written lots of stuff, all equally *ahem* "affordable" on Amazon...(I mentioned I'm cheap, right....)

The Trilogy of the Void, was my next Peter Meredith binge.  No zombies here, just a terrifying romp through hell, filled with monsters, demons and the damned. With, of course, the Meredith hallmark of great characters and  action. I'll admit, I wasn't as fond of the Void series as the Undead, but it was very good.

Once again, I was done. Sigh. Now what? Wait...oh boy! Another Peter Meredith zombie book! The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale. Yeah, it's a mouthful, but here is the genesis of the zombie apocalypse, according to Meredith. Hooray! I am such a fan of this guy. He never fails to bring his A game!

I was intrigued by his new set of characters, what was the cause of the zombie outbreak, who would survive the first day, who would escape quarantine to bring the disaster to the rest of the world, industrial spies, Chinese spies, insane convicts, cancer patients, corporate intrigue, with action and pathos galore!! I enjoyed this book just as much as the Undead Series. So, of course, when I received an email that his newest book was available for pre-order, I signed up right away, promptly forgot all about it and was delighted when I woke up one morning to a shiny new Meredith book on my Kindle.

I'm currently reading The Apocalypse Crusade 2 War of the Undead: A Zombie Tale,and it's great!!  I haven't made my way through Mr. Meredith's entire bibliography yet. He has a series called The Hidden Lands, which I'm not sure is up my alley. I'm not much of a fantasy reader. And I do want to read some of his freestanding books. I have The Sacrificial Daughter on my Kindle and The Perfect America sound interesting too.

All in all...Peter Meredith...you rock my socks! Peter Meredith books give you  more bang for your buck than you can imagine!!! So far, this author has never disappointed me. And I'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to Mr. Meredith for sharing his stories with me, it's been great fun!!

And if you read this, Mr. Meredith...please? Another Undead World book? I'd love to know what happens to Jillybean, Neil and the whole bunch!!

My rating for all the Peter Meredith books I've read so far?