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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

And....I'm Back.....

Okay...sorta back. I haven't reviewed/posted in a very long time. Yep, I've kept reading, but I sort of came to the realization that the reviewing for publishers, while way cool and really interesting to do, was starting to feel like an obligation and not as much fun. So, I re-discovered my hobby of quilting, finished a couple quilts, got busier than a 'one legged man in a butt kicking contest' with our daughters bridal shower and then lovely wedding. Although the engagement was a year and a half long, it seems like it all came so fast! (Oh my goodness....I'm a Mother-In-Law......)

Last weekend, it was my birthday on Friday, wedding rehearsal on Sat., wedding on Sunday, BBQ for the youngest daughter's high school graduation on Monday, graduation on Tuesday, etc.....but now...I look forward to the massive expanse of unclaimed time opening up in front of me and think. "hey, I could maybe review a book or two!" And as usual, the slammin' reviews are so much more fun to write the the 'I loved it reviews'. So tomorrow, stay tuned for my first review in a while, and I had me some fun writing it.

What the heck, I may even post some pics of the fabulous wedding. I'm not a wedding person, but damned if I didn't have the time of my life, danced my feets off!! In fact, my eldest son kept asking me if I was okay to drive....hey, I wasn't drinkin'...I'm just naturally exuberant!

I'm promising myself to be a bit balanced and make time for all my hobbies, quilting and reading. So, I may post a few quilt pics, and add some reviews when it catches my fancy to. But I'm not really reviewing for publishers anymore, just for myself and any of you patient readers who for some inexplicable reason, actually read my opinion.

So, thanks for hanging with me...I always appreciate it!