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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reagle Beagle by Eddie Mejia

REAGLE BEAGLE by Eddie Mejia

Mr. and Mrs. Beagle have been blessed with four puppies, three girls and a boy. The girls are a rambunctious bunch; happy, mischievous and energetic. But their boy, Reagle, never speaks, plays alone and avoids contact with his siblings. Mr. and Mrs. Beagle are quite concerned about Reagle and encourage him to join in. One day, while playing, the girls get into quite a predicament, and it’s up to Reagle, the quiet little Beagle to save the day.

Reagle Beagle, written by Eddie Mejia and wonderfully illustrated by Violet Koncz is an entertaining childrens book with an important underlying message. All of us have come into contact with a child that we might consider to be “different”. Maybe at age three, they still don’t talk. Perhaps we see a kid in the playground that sits alone in the shade and repeats the same actions over and over. And most of us know how difficult it is to answer the queries our own children make about the little boy in their class that sits and rocks, and won’t look at anyone, or won’t speak. It just doesn’t ever seem enough to simply tell our kids that “Well, he’s just a little different, but you should be nice to him anyway.” Because not only do our kids have no idea how to be friends with a child who seems different, we parents are often stymied by it too.

Although written as a simple picture book for us to enjoy and share with our children as we tuck them in at night, Reagle Beagle gives us an underlying sense of understanding and insight into the world that children with autism often inhabit. With the incidences of autism and autism spectrum related diagnoses on the rise, it’s nice to find a childrens book that can, in the guise of a charming story, show kids and remind parents that everyone has something important to say if we can find a way to listen.

Head on over to Reagle Beagle Book and get yourself an autographed copy. Heck, get extra copies, not only would this book be a great gift for the lil’ones in your life, it would be a much appreciated addition to your local hospital waiting room, library, classroom or doctor’s office.

(Review copy courtesy of the author)


bermudaonion said...

I'm so glad to see you back on here!! This sounds like a great book!