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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My review of Think Twice by Lisa Scottoline

When Bennie Rosato is invited to her identical twins for a housewarming dinner, she never suspects the true motive behind the invitation. Alice Connelly, Bennie’s twin is in big trouble; her drug-dealing partners are trying to find and kill her. Alice has decided the only way out of her trouble is to kill her twin and assume her identity. She believes her plan as worked and she fools everyone. Sleeping with Bennie’s boyfriend, stealing all of Bennie’s money and moving it offshore, and fooling everyone who works for Bennie. The plan is moving along very smoothly, even when Bennie shows up, Alice convinces everyone that Bennie is Alice and that Alice is Bennie. Everything Bennie has worked for and loved is threatened. The only questions that remain, in Lisa Scottoline's Think Twice, are how far can someone go to protect themselves and can a good person be driven to do evil things?

I think I must be the last person on earth who’s never read a book by Lisa Scottoline. This is the 13th…yep…I said THIRTEENTH book in the Bennie Rosato series. Huh…who knew?? Not me, obviously. I’m a big fan of series, and a really big fan of mystery suspense series. I have no idea how I missed out on this author. I liked that the author treads the fine line of introducing a new reader to the series, without repeating everything that’s been written in the past. My interest is piqued and I plan on picking up book number one, Everywhere That Mary Went, and working my way through the series.

My only real complaint with the story was the attention paid to seemingly minor characters. One of Bennie’s employees, Mary, is featured way too much for my liking. Perhaps Mary plays an integral part in the other books, but I didn’t see the point of including Mary, her parents, her sexy, witchy, widowed cousin, who may or may not be seducing Mary’s father, in the story. I thought it was an unnecessary side trip, and it didn’t add much to the storyline, except pages of text. I’ll reserve judgment on the whole Mary/Bennie/Mary’s family storyline until after I read a few more of the series.

Complaints aside, Think Twice was a pretty good read, I suspect it moves the whole series along and I’m guessing it’s not the last Lisa Scottoline’s readers have seen of the Bennie and Alice conflict.

Review copy provided by LibraryThing and the Early Reviewer program.

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Lisa Scottoline said...

Thanks for the very thoughtful review! Hope you like my other books, too! Love, L

bermudaonion said...

I listened to this book and just thought it was okay. It felt like a story I'd seen/read before.