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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New This Week!

The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne

After a ten-year absence, Alex 'Cat' Rucker returns to her Ohio hometown because of a letter left on her mother's kitchen table - a suicide note, carefully preserved in a Ziploc® bag, that reads:

'He isn't who you think he is. Love, Mom'

Thus opens this stunning debut novel from author Teri Coyne, who, with wry humor and sharp wit, follows Alex's journey through the traumatic experiences of her youth and the haze of her adult life.

While Alex tries to repress the memories of her brutal childhood - an abusive father, her estranged (and possibly illegitimate) brother, and the first love who would do anything to save her - she must face just how shattered she still is. At each step Alex confronts her biggest fears, realizes the impact of her choices, and inches closer to redemption. Can she embrace her vulnerabilities, talents, and desire for love, or will the revelations of her mother's cryptic note prove too overwhelming for her to bear?

The Last Bridge is a perfect blend of suspense, despair, and romance - and at its heart lies the question: are we a product of our experiences or our choices?

I received this book a while back from the Library Thing Early Reviewers program, you can see my review here.

If you're heading to the bookstore today, look for this one, its pretty darn good!

And on August 1st, look for this one!

Basilisk by Graham Masterton

When a scientist's wife is injured by a basilisk he faces a terrible choice...let her die, or join with its creator to breed more killers. Nathan Underhill is right out at the cutting edge of stem-cell research: attempting to recreate mythological creatures such as gryphons and gargoyles in order to cure medical conditions like Alzheimer's and MS. After five years of research, however, his latest experiment fails, and he loses his funding. But when his doctor wife Grace loses an elderly patient in unusual circumstances, Nathan suspects that somebody else has been trying to breed mythical hybrids...and succeeded. Nathan and Grace investigate, and discover that Doctor Zauber, owner of the local care home, has brought to life one of the most dangerous creatures of medieval times - the basilisk, which could reputedly kill any living thing with a single stare. Grace narrowly escapes being killed, but she is put into a coma. Nathan is faced with an impossible dilemma - lose Grace for ever, or enter into an unholy alliance with Doctor Zauber to breed more mythological beasts, at the cost of many more human lives.

I haven't read Masterton in years, but this one caught my eye. Masterton is "da bomb" at this genre...its on my wish list!


Luvdaylilies said...

Great review, I'll have to look for this one=)

Jess said...

I have The Last Bridge on hold at the library -- can't wait to read it!

Rabid Fox said...

"Basalisk" sounds promising. I just read "The Chosen Child" last week, and quite enjoyed it. My first sampling of Masterton's work.