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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Books I Wanna Read: The Doomsday Key by James Rollins

The Doomsday Key by James Rollins hit the stores on July 1st. I love James Rollins and I was hoping that it would show up as an ARC over at Library Thing, or somewhere. No such luck, I've got to head over to the bookstore or fire up the Amazon website. I WANT to read this book! So..if you've a copy lying about that is looking for a loving home...pick me pick me!!!

From Fantastic Fiction

At Princeton University, a famed geneticist dies inside a biohazard lab. In Rome, a Vatican archaeologist is found dead in the heart of St. Peters Basilica. In Africa, a US Senator's son is slain within a Red Cross camp in Ghana. These three murders on three continents bear a horrifying tie: all the victims are marked by a Druidic pagan cross burned into their flesh. The bizarre murders thrust Commander Gray Pierce and Sigma Force into a global hunt for a powerful group of industrialists who have a stranglehold on the world's food supply. Aided by two women from his past, Gray flees a trio of high-tech assassins as he pieces together the clues. But saving the world comes at a high price: Pierce must sacrifice one of the women. Yet even that price might not be enough, for as he soon discovers, the only true path to salvation lies with the Doomsday Key.

(Gray Pierce....totally kicks a$$!)

If you love a good action adventure yarn, well researched and often scarily plausible...check out James Rollins! He's terrific!

What's your "wanna read" this week?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by today.

Did you know that on your profile page, your "My Web Page" link isn't working?

wisteria said...

I read his first YA book and did a review a while ago. I never read his adult novels, but after reading the YA I definitely have to read this one. Thanks for the post.
Bookworms Dinner

Debbie's World of Books said...

I was hoping for an ARC of this as well but no luck. Now I'm waiting for the library to get it for me.