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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Oh boy! Am I in the dog house with all you guys! And I don't blame you one bit. When I optimistically posted that I'd be getting all caught up last Saturday, I didn't take into consideration my family.

I had the youngest daughter writing a final paper,and the eldest daughter had to spend every waking, non-working minute on studying for her anatomy/physiology/microbiology classes that have finals this week, and of course, a large portion of her studies involve powerpoint notes from the teacher and a digital textbook.

And then there was the frantic search for a new car, since the eldest daughter also sold her truck much more quickly than she anticipated, so hubby has been online car shopping every time the computer was open. I'd sit down to start a post and not 90 seconds would pass before I'd hear, "are you almost done? I need the computer?"

I gave up and decided that I'd just do my thing on Monday when everyone was gone. And then my video on the computer died. Arrgghh!

It took a little while to diagnose, I thought it was the video card, but I took my monitor to my neighbors and it was dead there as well, bought a new monitor Monday night, and then sat down yesterday to get caught up! Yay!

Then I heard, "are you almost done? I need the computer!" The eldest was off all day yesterday and planned on studying ALL day for last night's test! Oh double arrghh! I gotta buy myself a laptop! (She thinks she aced the test though...*grin) She's got another test tomorrow, but until noon today, the computer is MINE!!! After tomorrow night, schools out for at least a couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to not sharing the computer so much! What did we all do without computers??

So-with no further whining, bitching and complaining and with a hearty THANK YOU for your patience...here's some of the giveaway winners!!

May 24th drawing for Boneman's Daughters, giveaway #17
Congratulations!! Nyuel, Anonymous, and Gaby317!! You've won the audiobook of Boneman's Daughters!!

May 25th drawing for $25 Amazon gift card, giveaway #17+!!
Woot woot!!! Yay, nightdweller20...you're the lucky one!! Thanks to EVERYONE who entered!

May 25th drawing for Latter-Day Cipher by Latayne Scott, giveawy #18
Congrats goes out to bermudaonion! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

May 26th drawing for an audiobook of The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly, giveaway #19
Hooray for Melissa, holdenj and Lucy!

May 27th drawing for an audiobook of Cemetery Dance, giveawy #20
Congratulations to Jennifer, Emily B. and Jen! Enjoy!!

May 28th drawing for the audiobook of The Secret Speech, giveaway #21
Yowza! The lucky winners for this one are, CherylS. Doreen, and Abby! Congrats!!

May 29th drawing for the audiobook of The Way Home, giveaway #22
Cheers go out to heathmochafrost, Julie and Rebecca Cox!

May 30th drawing for The Girl She Used to Be, giveaway #23
Congratulations! Marie Lay, you're the lucky one for this book!! Yay!!

Okay, I'm going to have to stop now..I have to get some errands done before I have to pick up the youngest from school. Short day today, its finals week at her high school. (Yep the paper got written, and was pretty darn good if I do say so myself!)

More winners coming soon! And again, I'm sorry this whole giveaway got so messed up in the end! Just when you think you've got all the bases covered.......


Emily B said...

Hooray! I'm totally looking forward to Cemetary Dance. Perfect for listening to at work. Thank you!!

bermudaonion said...

You are not in the doghouse! We appreciate all the contests you ran and I'm thrilled that I won one of them. Thanks so much! Congratulations to the other winners!

Marie said...

Thank you for the wonderful contests, I'm really excited to have won one! I do hope things calm down a bit for you also!!

tea said...

Congratulations to all!

Gaby317 said...

Thanks so much!! I'm so happy to have won - I'll shoot you an email with my address


bermudaonion said...

My book came today! Sorry you've had so many hassles lately. Thanks again for the giveaway!