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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Internet Connection Issues

A GIANT ARRRGHH goes out to AT&T. Last week, after a couple days of nasty loud humming and buzzing on our phone, and some internet connectivity issues, I called AT&T. They sent a repair guy out on Thursday, and after a morning of no phone/'net from all the diagnosing, he tells me that I need a new underground cable run into the house from the junction box across the street. It will be a "few days" before a dig crew can come out. I know this means at least not until next Tuesday or Wed. and that's okay, its just a loud hum/buzz and we'll survive.

After the two trucks and two vans left, I noticed my phone was completely dead. I checked the internet...dead as well. Oh great, the phone company took my small problem of buzzing and killed my phone lines!! I called in, and was told..oops, we'll have someone out tomorrow, (Friday) between 8 and 12 noon. As of 3 pm. after seven, count 'em SEVEN, phone calls, I'm finally told by the "repair crew manager" that my repair ticket was on hold, as the outage was due to digging. I respond, "Uh...they won't start to dig until next Tuesday.And the closest underground construction is So. Cal Edison and its 5 miles away!" He mentioned that might be the problem, and there was nothing they could do. I responded, "You mean, Edison knocked out my phone...just my phone...nobody else's in the whole neighborhood? That seems both oddly specific and highly improbable!"

Three more phone calls (which I have to walk up the block to make because I have no cell service in or near my house!) and finally!, a guy shows up. It seems that when they tested the lines on Thursday, they shorted mine out! So, they hooked me up to a temporary line, I have a dial tone, and sort of have internet. It comes and goes at will. Hopefully, it will stay up long enough to post this.

I'm not giving up on the drawings! I have every day's giveaway already set up to post, even it I don't have a connection, but notifying the winners might be delayed and I'm very sorry about that. The phone company promises me that all will be wonderful soon. Of course, they also think I can use my cell phone when my phone goes down. Uhh...I live in an area of the city called Canyon Country...the closest place I can get a signal is a block away from my house! AT&T---less bars in more places--that's what their cell phone ads should say!!

Thanks for entering every day!! Don't give up on me, I'm still here, just internet-challenged and frustrated!!


Melanie said...

Do you think you'll hang on to AT&T much longer?

Anonymous said...

How totally horrible! I know your connection pain! It's just the worst! I hope it gets better soon!

Lori L said...

Internet and phone problems can be so frustrating and dealing with the trying to get the problem repaired even worse! I hope it is permanently repaired soon!