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Friday, January 9, 2009

Santa Responds by Santa Claus

Every once in a while, a little book comes along that you just can't resist. Santa Responds is just such a book. For decades, this jolly old Elf has been receiving letters from children throughout the world. Nice children, naughty children, snotty children and greedy children. This year, something happened to the nice old Claus, something just snapped inside. This year, Santa is going to write back, and wow....is he pissed!

This book is filled with "letters" to Santa and Santa's hysterical replies. If Santa's responses don't make you laugh out loud, then you are a Grinch, or maybe an anti-Grinch. Some of Santa's responses include:

Dear Paige,
When did you turn into such a little bitch?
Your friend,

This was the response to a two and half page demand letter sent by a particularly rotten little girl. Succinct and straightforward, Santa cuts through the conventions of society and really "tells it like it is". Which makes this reader respond..."Go Santa!!"

Another blogger pointed out to me, (Thanks BermudaOnion) that this is a hard book to take all at once, the humor can wear thin. I didn't even think of it, but it was a "bathroom book" around here, sitting on the counter for three weeks. I think it must have taken me 2-3 weeks to read, and its just about perfect for that type of reading! Wow....that may just be Too Much Information.....

Funny book....but keep it out of the hands of your youthful believers. It's waaaay to hard to explain this type of humor to them!!

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Anonymous said...

I read this book in one setting and thought it got a little old before I was through. I think it's one that's better read in small doses.

Anonymous said...

You are too funny, but right. That would be the perfect bathroom book.