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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm finally getting caught up!

The kitchen is almost done, pics to follow when I get the chance to shoot them. Suffice it to say, I'm loving not living out of cardboard boxes! I filled the cabinets last Sunday, the 16th, scrubbed down the family room top to bottom on Monday, the 17th, scrubbed down the dining room and living room on Tuesday the 18th, and then took off for Seattle Wednesday morning to hang out with my sis when she had some surgery done. We were able to leave Seattle on Saturday morning and head out to her home. Surgery went well, no bad things lurking in there that could cause serious problems down the line, and she's recuperating really well. So, I hopped on a plane yesterday and headed back home.

Since I hadn't had lots of reading time the past couple of months, I almost welcomed the time spent in waiting rooms, hotel rooms and hospital rooms. I still need to write a couple of reviews, for The Shiniest Jewel, as well as The Gate House that I finished while in Seattle. I finished the newest Dean Koontz novel, Your Heart Belongs to Me, about a half an hour before we landed in Burbank last night. It was wonderful as all of Koontz's books are. I'll review it later this week, but its on sale today, and well worth the read.

Well, gotta unpack, do laundry and just sort of fit myself back into the house again. They all manage quite nicely without me, sort of bursts the old "they just can't live without me" bubble. But its good to be home and to get going on some more projects. Hmm.....what to do, I still haven't painted the ceilings in the family room or living room that we patched for the remodel. And I've got to get the living room and dining room painted...and there's still some wallpaper on a few walls of those rooms that needs stripping, carpets gotta be cleaned......need to hang the blinds in the family room....yikes!

I'd better get a move on.....