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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whooo Hooo!!! I got cabinets!!!!

Yep...now you're almost all caught up with the big doin's in the kitchen. This past weekend we started hanging cabinets in our little bitty kitchen. Whoo hooo!!!

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

I need to explain something, the wall oven cabinet used to be 27" wide and my oh so talented hubby modified it to fit a 30" oven. He took it all apart, added three inches to the overall width and put it back together. Personally, I don't think it even looks one bit modified! Dang, he's good! He also modified the cabinet above where the frig will go, as it was too small too. He cut back the drawers next to the tambour door cabinet so they were only 21 inches deep instead of 24", so the sink would be centered in the window. All that remains is for him to do some major mods to the cooktop cabinet, since we got a JennAir cooktop and we have to vent it down and out the wall instead of up and into a hood. (We didn't want a hood hanging down in the peninsula and blocking views, etc.)

Ok--gotta go paint now......


Anonymous said...

I don't envy you living through that.

Toni said...

The cabinets look TERRRIFIC!!!

I am with bermudaonion....I don't envy you living through it..

But the results are Marvelous.

Anonymous said...


caite said...

you will forget it all when the kitchen is done...at least in a couple of years!

Susan Tidwell said...

Wow, kitchen remodel, we have been talking about this...

Found you over on LibraryThing, we seem to have a lot of books in common. I like what you said about adding books you read to your kids, so I am trying to remember those to add, just added The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Good luck with your kitchen! I look forward to reading some of your book reviews.