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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kitchen remodeling.....oh what fun!!

Well, lots has happened in the kitchen of the "House of Unlimited Potential". Last Friday, (10 days ago, not three....) I took hammer, crowbar and other various assorted implements of destruction to the kitchen and finished it off. All by my lil ole self, I smashed, broke, crushed and hauled the remains of the kitchen. (yep...it was sort of fun!!)

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

From Kitchen Progress

Yes, in case you're wondering, I was in fact watching a tape of Law and Order SVU whilst wreaking havoc.

I got everything out, except the sink, when DH got home that night, the sink was outta there as well. The drywall behind the sink looked, well, gicky and yucky, so I ripped it off. The insulation behind the drywall also looked yechy, so I removed it as well. What remained was a wall just begging for some new copper piping to replace the galvanized. (If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.......)

From Kitchen Progress

We called my new best buddy, Ben the plumber, (DH hates plumbing, won't do plumbing. I feel the same about electrical work, so usually between the two of us, we've got all bases covered, but a copper repipe is waaaay over my pay grade and ability)

Three hours later, and okay, a few more holes in the ceiling and tada!! My kitchen has been all repiped in nice shiny new copper, with a nice shiny new copper line running to my refrigerator as well. Yayyyy!!

From Kitchen Progress

Youngest son, Matt and I made a major dump run, disposing of the cabinets and tile, so the backyard once again looks semi decent. After the plumber left, Robert, aforementioned dear husband) donned his electrician cap and I've got me a couple new outlets. Double Yayyy!!

And so concludes Saturday, October 11. My wonderful husbands birthday. Wow, do I know how to show him a good time!


Anonymous said...

So, what are you eating these days?