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Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Geography of Love: A Memoir by Glenda Burgess

The Geography of Love is a beautiful, moving, uplifting, and heartbreaking memoir. Glenda Burgess has given us a remembrance of her marriage, and her husband that carries such a core of truth that it is difficult to put it down.

After a successful career with the State Department, Glenda has decided to return to the United States and start fresh. She meets a man, Ken, 13 years her senior who has already been widowed twice, his first wife died in a car accident, and his second wife was murdered in her bedroom while their toddler slept in the next room. His daughter has grown up emotionally scarred and her relationship with Ken is shaky and turbulent. With Ken’s past and problems, most women would head for the hills, but Glenda had a sure belief that this could be good. Even though Ken had given up on the very idea of love, he too, managed one more leap of faith and together they built a life, a love and a wonderful family. Their faith and love would be tested in sad and painful ways, and yet, the love and devotion always manages to shine through.

This is a very sad book in many ways; it can bring you to tears at the most unexpected places. And yet it also can give you a deep sense of peace, a profound desire to have this kind of marriage, and a deep sense of gratitude if you already do. This was an ordinary happy family, and it’s easy to see yourselves in the pages. Seeing how a couple can gain such strength from their relationship shows us that, perhaps we can all respond to the worst adversity possible with grace and dignity. Ken’s compassion, consideration and kindness throughout the darkest of his days stand as an example to us all. The author’s courage in reliving these times shows us yet another place to explore in the geography of our own lives.


Ruth King said...

This sounds like a very inspiring but poignant read. Thanks for the thoughtful review.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the kind of book I need to be in the right mood to read so I won't become too weepy. Great review.

Anonymous said...

Your hubby sounds like a good sport. I think we felt the same way about Mamma Mia! Cute story, but some of the songs were too long and it was painful to listen to Pierce B.

Marie Cloutier said...

sounds like a wonderful read :-)

Erin said...

Wow! This is just the kind of book I like. I have added it to my wishlist. thanks!

Anonymous said...

On my bookshelf, and I'm so disappointed that I didn't get it read/reviewed before the "on sale" date today!

Your review is great; I have to push this to the top of the pile.

Did you get the nice e-mail from Glenda today, saying *celebrate* the release of *The Geography of Love* ?