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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Book Giveaway!! Ends tomorrow!

Don't forget, my very first book giveaway ends tomorrow, August 1st, click below to win a free copy of The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex and other True Stories

From the back cover:

Can a British biologist reinvent himself as a sex guru in California? That's just one of the surreal stories in the groundbreaking collection of nonfiction lit. In the title piece, Alex Comfort, author of The Joy of Sex, hatches a plan to destroy monogamy forever. In the stories that follow, Kennedy documents other visionaries bent on remaking the world. A retired chemist finds a way to turn a wasteland into paradise--but there's a catch. An aspiring tyrant tries to become the Emperor of America. An artist rigs himself up to a "brain machine" made from parts he bought at Radio Shack. Two of the people profiled in this collection went on to win the MacArthur "genius" award. All of them are memorable, passionate, and poignant as the best characters in literature. In these stories--most of which first appeared in The New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe Magazine--Kennedy proves that truth is funnier than fiction.


manoj said...

The political climate in the United States is tense right now as the presidential candidates pull out all the stops, each wanting that coveted position as leader of the U.S.A. Eric Van Lustbader’s novel, First Daughter, plays right into that, as one ultra-conservative and religious President makes way for the newly elected moderate one.

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