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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Through Violet Eyes by Stephen Woodworth

This book caught my eye on LibraryThing. I had never seen it before and noticed it had pretty high ratings with my fellow LTr's, so I thought I'd give it a read. I like series and am always happy to find another one to read.

The book was pretty good, it seemed pretty average throughout, until the ending. The plot was a clever idea, special people with the ability to talk to the dead. The author did a great job relating how rotten it would be to have that ability and try to live with it. But I wasn't too impressed at first. The book seemed a bit predictable and I pretty much figured out where he was heading. Until the ending, which I did not see coming. I always like it when an author does something I don't expect in the end, and conversely, I'm usually disappointed when an author takes the easy way out and ends a book exactly as I thought they would.

The unexpected ending bumped the book up from average to above average in my opinion. It was a good read, and I'll be reading the next book in the series.

(Posted on LibraryThing April 6, 2008)