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Monday, June 23, 2008

Invisible Prey by John Sandford

Ok, now I just gotta say, I'm probably imagining this, but here goes anyway. About two years ago, I got an idea for an "Author's Quilt". I contacted lots of my favorite authors through email, and asked them if I mailed them a square of fabric, pen and return envelope, if they'd sign it. I sort of ran out of time, and to date haven't sent all of them out yet, but one of the authors I contacted was John Sandford. He was a bit more elusive than most, and the person I corresponded with pretty much told me that he wouldn't be able to do that, however if I took the fabric to a book signing, Sandford would most certainly sign it. Since Sandford had a book signing the next evening in a mystery book store in Thousand Oaks, I headed to T. Oaks. I wasn't able to go to the signing, but I wrote him a letter, and asked the woman in the store to give it to him. In the letter I said that I was a quilter, and described what I'd planned to make. A few days later, I received the fabric square in the mail and put it away for later use. Fast forward two years, I just finished reading the newest Lucas Davenport book, and quilts are all over this book. Quilters, quilt groups, antique quilts, forged antique quilts, along with the usual murder, mystery and mayhem of Sandford books. Hmmm....coincidence? Or perhaps....inspiration?......hmmm... (Oh...and the book's pretty good, typical of the Davenport/Prey series, I enjoyed it.....

(Posted on myspace, July 3, 2007)