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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex by Pagan Kennedy

The Dangerous Joy of Dr. Sex by Pagan Kennedy is a compilation of true stories. Glorying in the eccentricities that all fascinating people share, the stories are compelling, entertaining and yet frequently humble. Often contrasting hubris with humility, Kennedy tells us stories of Dr. Alex Comfort, the author of the Joy of Sex, who in his arrogance thought he could permanently re-work the cultural norms of sexual relationships. She brings us the story of Amy Smith, who uses her genius and common sense to make lives better in the poorest countries on earth. We read of Vermin Supreme, who enjoins the anti war protesters to respond with “A Pony”, when they are asked to join the antiwar chant, “What do we want?”. Kennedy’s stories are uplifting, thought provoking and entertaining.

(Posted on LibraryThing June 22, 2008)